Analysis of the Republic of Kazakhstan oil and gas industry for the 2021 year

 Analysis of the Republic of Kazakhstan oil and gas industry for 2021 year
JSC IACOG offers an analysis of the Republic of Kazakhstan oil and gas industry 2021 year results.
        The analytical report on the oil and gas industry for 2021 year includes an analysis of the activities of the production, processing, transportation of oil and gas in Kazakhstan, including the movement of oil, natural gas and LNG in the country, oil and gas export and import. The report also provides a detailed analysis of the petroleum products market, production, movement within the country, import and export. There is a separate analysis of local and world prices for oil, gas and petroleum products.
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       The report on the country’s oil industry includes analysis of the oil production sector (including the results by oil companies), processing and transportation, oil imports and exports, as well as domestic and world oil prices.
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       The semi-annual analysis of the country’s gas industry covers the sectors of extraction, processing of natural and associated gas, production of commercial and liquefied petroleum gas, its transportation, import and export, as well as prices for natural and liquefied petroleum gas.
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       The analysis of the main indicators of the petroleum products market for year most accurately reflects the current situation in the market in Kazakhstan. The report analyzes the volumes of supply, oil refining, production at large and mini-refineries in Kazakhstan, the movement of petroleum products, including transportation within the country, imports and exports. Separately, there is the analysis of prices for petroleum products, both on the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and on the territory of the Russian Federation.
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