The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has approved a comprehensive plan for the the gas industry development. One of the points of the plan approved by the Cabinet of Ministers was the change of the name of JSC NC KazTransGas to JSC National Company QazaqGaz. The company’s logo is also completely changed. 

Company’s rebranding concerns not only renaming, but also the perception of the external brand of the new national gas company, transformation will affect most of the business processes.

In Kazakhstan, the gas industry has long been treated on a residual basis. With high oil prices, the state, investors preferred to work with “black gold”, developed oil fields, using associated gas for the most part as a tool to increase the production of liquid hydrocarbons.

Recently, the role of gas on a global scale has increased significantly. Natural gas, among other hydrocarbon raw materials, is increasingly replacing traditional fuels, providing a transition to a low-carbon economy as renewable energy sources develop.

The national company “QazaqGaz” begins a new stage of development of the entire domestic gas industry. Due to the upcoming implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, the company’s strategy also includes a new positioning of the company in the domestic and international markets.

The developed name “QazaqGaz” and the brand name most clearly reflect the company’s business lines than the previous ones, which were mainly associated only with gas transportation. The new logo is more appropriate to the current direction of the company’s activities and the modern realities of the industry.

The main semantic content of the logo has become a sign symbolizing the flame of a torch, while the plexus in a spiral symbolizes dynamic movement and development. The flame tongue, taken as the basis of the logo — is a symbol of the sun, a sign of purification and an object of ancestral worship, a fire that brings warmth and comfort to homes. The attitude to fire as a sacred symbol has been present in the traditions and rituals of the turkic peoples since ancient times. At the same time, the presence of blue and greenish tones in the company’s trademark symbolizes the environmental friendliness of natural gas, which is a global trend today.

The new brand most closely reflects all the positive qualities of the company, time-tested – this is evolutionary development, scale of actions, stability and reliability.

The national company “QazaqGaz” is a rich history of the gas industry, the best practices and experience accumulated over more than a century of existence of the oil and gas industry. At the same time, the National Company “QazaqGaz” always uses the latest scientific and technical developments in its work, applies modern approaches to both industrial technologies and business and management for its further dynamic development. 

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