The sophisticated scam that EVERY Australian needs to know

In 2018, Facebook is again at the center of scandal after it emerges that British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica stealthily harvested the personal data of millions of Facebook users and used it for political purposes, including trying to rally support

That year sees Zuckerberg admitting to privacy-related «mistakes» for the first time, over an ad platform called Beacon that tracked purchases made by Facebook members and let their friends know what they h

«ISM manufacturing is unlikely to dent the optimism around the US economy that has been building up further with positive economic indicators released over the last few weeks,» Saxo Bank market strategist Redmond Wong wrote in a research note.

2 mobile operator, said last week that data of up to 10 million customers including home addresses, drivers’ licenses and passport numbers had been compromised in one of Australia’s biggest data breaches.

Investigators interrupted up to 30 operators working in a call centre in Metro Manila as they phoned dozens of unknowing Australians in the hopes they could be tricked into handing over their hard-earned super funds.

«Given we’re not allowed to say much because the police have asked us not to, what I can say … is that our data was encrypted and we had multiple players of protection,» Bayer Rosmarin told ABC Radio.

He claimed that ‘the allegations in this lawsuit are repugnant and stand in direct contradiction to Visa‘s values and purpose’ Visa CEO Kelly released a statement on Thursday to address the allegations made in the lawsuit.

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Justin, who Mr Wade said had extensive knowledge of super funds, recommended the builder switch to a ‘high-performing product’ they used with Morgan Stanley, a well-known investment and financial services company in the US.

The scammers from the phoney ‘ASAL Group’ operated by reading victims a detailed script that promised better returns on their super and by ‘cloning’ the details of a legitimate company owned by financial services company AMP.

The Australian federal government has blamed Optus for the breach, flagged an overhaul of privacy rules and higher fines, and suggested the company had «effectively left the window open» for hackers to steal data.

‘Our rules explicitly and unequivocally prohibit the use of our products to pay for content that depicts nonconsensual sexual behavior or child sexual abuse.’ ‘Let me be clear: Visa condemns sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child sexual abuse,’ Visa CEO Alfred F. Kelly, Jr, said in a Thursday statement.

Kelly said that he ‘strongly’ disagrees with the judge’s decision and is ‘confident’ in Visa’s position. He further claimed that Visa ‘suspended sites that contained user-generated content in December 2020.’

SYDNEY, Sept 27 (Reuters) — Australian telecoms giant Optus came under more fire from the government on Tuesday for a massive cyber breach, while an anonymous online account believed to be that of the hackers said it was deleting stolen data and withdrawing a $1 million ransom demand.

‘MindGeek’s executive leadership team will run day-to-day operations on an interim basis, with a search underway for replacements.’ ‘Antoon and Tassillo leave MindGeek’s day-to-day operations after more than a decade in leadership positions with the company,’ the company said in a statement.

In light of the judge’s ruling on Friday, Visa has also suspended acceptances of MindGeek’s go-to advertising company, TrafficJunky, and other advertising services on Pornhub and MindGeek-affiliated sites.

An account called ‘optusdata’ in an online forum, believed by cybersecurity experts to be that of the hackers, had threatened to publish the data of 10,000 Optus customers per day unless they received $1 million in cryptocurrency.

Minister For Cyber Security Clare O’Neil said she was «incredibly concerned … about reports that personal information from the Optus data breach, including Medicare numbers, are now being offered for free and for ransom», referring to the government’s health insurance scheme.

Jeremy Kirk, a cybersecurity researcher and writer who said he had been in contact with the purported hacker, tweeted that it was unclear why they changed their mind but «this doesn’t change the risk for anyone exposed».

Optus and the Australian Federal Police, which have been working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other offshore law enforcement agencies to probe the cyberattack, declined to comment on whether they believed the ‘optusdata’ account holders were behind the breach.

The porn giant faces growing backlash since the New York Times published an article in December 2020 which accused the porn website of posting illegal content online, including child pornography and rape videos. These claims were denied.

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